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Q- 12 year old complain of recurrent epigastric pain with occasional vomiting since 1 year otherwise normal and stool analysis is positive for blood and mucus and positive blood occult test what is diagnosis?

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A 53-year-old man comes to ER with 5 days post after motor vehicle accident he has lower limb fracture, orthopedic done surgical correction after 5 days patient had sudden shortness of breath , fever and confusion on examination shows pinpoint rash on the chest, head, and neck area, and on chest x. Ray bilateral lower lobe infiltrates .what is the cause

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Child 3 years, with signs of Cushing syndrome What is the highest predictive value for diagnosis

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Neonate was born the mother says she had a baby died due to probably immune deficiency and ask about vaccines for the new baby

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36 Old male patient with Heart Failure and sign of  Aortic regurgitation, echo report: Aortic regurgitation, EF 40%. Asking about management?

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Preganat c/o sever abdominal pain and uterine contractions she was given 6mg Mg sulfate and the e contractions become normal then decrease the dose to 4mg Then complained of shortness of breath What is next step

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diabetic man rotien follow up asymptomatic HIGH liver ENZYMES , whats the cause

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Very heavy periods and infertility what is best method to help you diagnosis

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Pediatric with Minimal change disease with nephrotic syndrome Asking about the initial treatment to reduce proteinuria

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A post-menopausal woman comes to you with chronic urge incontinence symptoms (6 months of urinating before entering the bathroom). What is the “most appropriate next best step”

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complication of Rh happened if

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Child come to hospital distress and crying cardiac examination heard harsh ejections systolic murmur and raise left paternal heave what most next step

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highest level of evidence to determine exercise effect on quality of life



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Pediatric, known case of congestive heart failure and hypertension presented with dyspnoea on exertion And decreased exercise tolerance X ray showed cardiomyopathy

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pregnant lady at third trimester came to ER Complain of headache and sharp RUQ pain BP 165/100 Protein +4
what is the cause of her pain

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male PATIENT after MTV in ambulance he was responsive to paramedics then suddenly deteriorate become unconscious and unilateral unresponsive dilated pupil, Xray show temporal fracture. What's the most common cause


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When should we stop metformin according to GFR

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A patient with epigastric pain admitted to hospital, U/S shows gallstones with dilated CBD. Now he is stable and labs are normal except high amylase 250. What is the appropriate next step

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Preterm 30 week, 80% effacement, 2 cm dilatation, stable mom and fetus. Admitted to labor. What to do

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A 20 years old came with neurological manifestations, splenomegaly , pancytopenia, bone biopsy showed cells with crinkled paper-like cytoplasm. The diagnosis is

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4 months old girl, during Pneumatic otoscope unilateral non-purulent effusion and decrease tympanic membrane motility , no fever pr other symptoms, and no history of previous infectious diseases, breast feeding very well and no use of pacifier , What’s the best next step?

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Old age male pt with s/s of urine drippling and back pain. Labs showed high PSA, what is the diagnosis

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child unable to feed herself with a spoon , history of head trauma 10 days ago where is the lesions

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Patient who her husband is diagnosed with gonorrhea, from where to take her sample for diagnosis

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A patient post thyroidectomy cannot make high pitch sounds. Damage to which nerve is responsible

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Q- 38 weeks intrauterine fetal death vertex what is best type of delivery?

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3years has intermittent loss stool Only during day examination all normal Diagnosis

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Treatment of chrons controlled symptoms on steroid and another drug , came with multi-fistula ?
What to give

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young male with mid line neck swelling and ascending and descending with swelling what’s diagnosis

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Male with non bloody diarrhoea, pale, oral ulcer? This is the exact question with no extra info!

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interval of colonoscopy for a polyp size of 0.9 cm and results of histopathology is adenoma

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Smoker pt, c/o with dyspnea and cough with hemoptysis, trachea wasn’t shifted, xray showed massive right plueral effusion, whats the cause

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Which of the following is the causative organism of cat-scratch disease

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Patient of ALL post chemo develops headache and dry mouth what is the electrolyte derangement

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Couple came to a preconception clinic. The father, 2 of his brothers have sickle cell disease and he has sickle cell trait and what is the risk of sickle cell disease

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Thick white secretions but she denied them being foul smelling. What is the most appropriate treatment

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Child with midline abdominal pain associated with headache N/V and loss of appetite he lost weight and has 2 sisters with history headache

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the MOH is organizing campaigns, lectures, and health education in order to teach the public about the dangers of obesity and its associated complications. What kind of prevention is this

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Post-menopausal women with vaginal dryness (atrophic vaginitis), Mangmant

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which of the following lead to hyposplensim

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Male patient diabetic and smoker presented with ulcer on 2nd , 3rd and 4th left foot toes. He gave a history of superficial thrombophlebitis. Upon examination: he has absent dorsalis pedis and posterior tibialis pulse in both limbs , while popliteal pulse was intact. How would you manage the patient

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Child everything normal except that he had episodes of blinking several times but he is conscious ,aware and talking with parents then resolved .,diagnosis

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Vaginal discharge Cheese segment under what is diagnosis

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Which of the following medications, when used alone as maintenance Therapy in persistent asthma, is associated with an increased risk of asthma-related mortality

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COPD Best indication of disease progression ?

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patient was extubated after thyroid surgery and immediately developed shortness of breath and respiratory distress. Examination reveals thatboth vocal cords are in a semi-closed position. How will you secure the airway

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Q- An elderly man on NSAIDs developed dyspepsia. Endoscopy showed gastritis. Labs showed iron deficiency anemia with Hb= 9. What is the best method of treatment? 

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Epigastric pain stable suddenly sever pain and back pain pulstie mass , next

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Patient Complain of Congestive Heart Failure came with Shortness Of Breath , Orthopnea and crackles , splenomegaly and high JVP what is the diagnosis

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Q- 70 years old hypertensive on CCB, with interrupted micturition with dysuria, And sensation of incomplete evacuation, sonar ben. Moderate prostatic enlargement; Normal PSA; Next step?

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Case present with right hand weakness with no numbness just for few hours than resolved. Exam normal (case of TIA). What investigation to do next

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Child can jump on 2 feet, build a tower of 6 blocks and able of 2 word phrases. Most likely age by years

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patient complain of COPD came complaining of Upper GI bleeding stabilized after endoscopy.then he became dyspneic and cyanosed.
his workup is as follows: (approximation)
ph 7.24
pco2 7.4 not sure of the number but higher then normal
What is the most appropriate initial management

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Appropriate position in epistaxis

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Patient was on labor after delivery had inverted uterus and started to have bleeding what is the most imp cause for postpartum hemorrhage

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patient with Sign and Symptom of ectopic pregnancy and came with bleeding. What is the source of her BLEEDING

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woman had a C-Section. What is the best way to prevent adhesions

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baby with abdominal distention and difficulty passing stool , on PR examination empty rectum, but after finger pulled out there is diarrhea, Diagnosis

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Female patient after Treatment of breast cancer She want to get pregnant She can get pregnant after

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Typical case on nephrotic syndrome ask about highly diagnostic test

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Which one of the following developmental screening relies on parents information

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Female came with white breast discharge and high prolactin, what radiology you will do

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Child fell from 1st floor — perforated eardrum and bleeding from it , what the kind of skull fracture

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Case of oesophageal atresia post surgical complication

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Q- 30 years old post partum woman admitted for right leg DVT and was started on enoxparin 80mg BID. Then she developed sudden onset dyspnea and right pleuritic chest pain, on PE; She was dyspneic and apprehensive, heart sound showed loud P2 and lungs were clear on auscultation, vital signs normal ABG: normal HCO3 and Po2, decreased PCO2 and high pH CT showed thrombus in right lower pulmonary artery Which of the following is most appropriate step in management

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Q- 35 year old asymptotic lady is seen for counselling regarding her breast cancer screening. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age of 67 y and her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at age of 45 y, She had no history of breast biopsies.
What would you recommend for her screening?

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A 7 years old presented to the clinic with his mother with post meal nausea, central abdominal pain and cramps follow by watery diarrhea , He’s vitally stable, looks well with mildly distended abdomen , blood presser was 90/70 , temperature , heart rate , respiratory rate was normal What’s the most likely diagnosis

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Female presented with premature rupture of membrane with fever and vaginal discharge. The uterus is tender to touch. What is the possible diagnosis

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What cause severe dysmenorrhea , Dyspareunia , infertility

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After resection of a pedunculated polyp the resutls was benign adenoma and patient has no family history of colon cancer what to advice for reduction of colon cancer

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42 year history of molar pregnancy 2 years ago, she wants to conceive. What to do regarding her history

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Q- 41+6 weeks induction of labor with prostaglandin developed vaginal bleeding with sudden loss of contraction and loss of fetal movement then developed shock?

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Patient with history of major atherosclerosis risks DM, HTN, Smoking, hyperlipidemia He complain of Recent memory loss and behaviours changes there is history of multiple brain infarct what is diagnosis

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A patient present to the Er after spontaneous collapsing while waiting for the bus. The patient does not have any history of cardiac abnormalities diagnosis?

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athletic male gain a 20kg in 4 week, good musculature he came for screening clinic what screening test would you do to him

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Treatment of brucellosis with neurological symptoms


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Patient complain of depression and a palpitation What to do

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New born seizure after delivery with hypoglycemia, management

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this picture with a scenario of open wound fracture who is stable and already received antibiotics, what do you want to do next

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Q- 24 month old child came to clinic with his mother for taking hepatitis A vaccine, mother tells he is know sickle cell disease patient and he receives blood transfusion since one week what to do?

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Q- 38 week pregnant lady have chlamydia trochomantis infection and had SVD , what organ would be affected-in her child?

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30y old female came for pap screening, all her past results were negative, now results show low grade squamous epithelial lesion. What's the appropriate next step


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Pregnant at 28 week, she sit with child, this child develop chickenpox, she come to you asking for advice, you found that she is seronegative for (varicella) antibody, what will be your management

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A 80 year old who has been in the ICU for 4 days has developed pneumonia. What is the most likely  organism ?

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Q- 42 years old  mother presented with paraumbilical mass, On exam you found the mass tender, irreducible, and negative cough impulse. What is the appropriate next step

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Child need non invasive Mechanical ventilation , Where you will manage him

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Case of intestinal obstruction with colon distend which anesthesia drug is contraindicated

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A patient after 2 day Post Mi complain of chest pain radiate to back with ST segment elevation in leads II, III, and AVF presents now with a new holosystolic murmur and bilateral basal crackles. What is the most likely diagnosis

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COPD on long acting beta agonist inhaled steroids and albutatol as needs comes to clinic with woresing copd on exam bilateral lower extremity edema above ankle, jvp not distended, decreased breath sounds Echo is normal except mean pulmonary artery pressure of 52 O2sat 86% Po2 6.8 kpa Ph 7.6 (not sure but it was above 7.5 ) What is the most appropriate

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A case of HUS. What’s the diagnostic culture test

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all of the following is essential features of nephrotic syndrome except

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Asthmatic patient on inhaled corticosteroid and short acting beta 2 agonist which he use 3 times daily. What is next step in the management

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year-old type 2 diabetic undergoes a bowel resection for colon cancer. He is well priar to the operation with well-controlled diabetesand no other underlying condition. The operation is successful and the patient is given postoperative insulin and IV dextrose.2 days after the operation he becomes very agitated
Na = low K = low Cr = low Serum osmolality : low , Urine osmo : normal
Which of the following is the most likely cause

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Pt came with perianal mass developed after hard stool passage 12 hours ago , mass was bluish , tender under skin of perianal area , about 1*1 cm , what is the appropriate managment

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Surgeon is doing OP for patients with Hepatitis C and suddenly he was injured by an injection. What is the percentage of getting infection

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Newborn 2 months old, vomiting after feeding, otherwise all normal, growth normal. What is the most likely diagnosis

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30-year-old man, all Labs were provided and a picture of urine dipstick test +2 proteinuria Also on microscope , Oval fat bodies and hyaline casts?

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  A 4 months old boy what you can expect to his age

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Pregnant lady 39 Week her routine BP throughout the pregnancy was 120/80 (normal) then suddenly became 150/90 what is the diagnosis

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Patient with ( poly cystic ovary ) wants to get pregnant, how to manage her?

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A 38 year female presented to the ER complaining of epigastric pain for 6 days, radiating to the back and it was associated with multiple episodes of vomiting. She’s known to have multiple small gallstones. On examination there’s diffuse abdominal distention, epigastric tenderness and sluggish bowel sounds Labs: ALP, amylase total and direct bilirubin all within the normal range What’s the most appropriate next investigation

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Parents bring their 12 months boy with pneumonia refered to pediatrician because  of 2 times recurrent chest infections This is third infection since 4 month , he has tow healthy sister one at age 3 and 5 years. The family lost a boy at 10 month of age to bacterial pneumonia 6 years ago. The family doctor has sent along some blood test results that shows low all classes of serum immunoglobulin levels, few B cells, but normal numbers and functioning of T cells. What is diagnosis?

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A pediatric patient came in RTA. Has splenic rupture and thus splenectomy was done, What’s an appropriate vaccine later on

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Nephrotic patient, which of the following will decrease proteinuria

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Q- 12 years  old boy came to ER complaining of SOB and drowsiness after hit on chest in football match GCS 11/15. Chest examination slightly increased JVP tracheal deviation to the right and reduced breathing in right lung. What of the following most likely diagnosis

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Q- 25-year-old female presents with unilateral throbbing headache. Her headache is associated with nausea and vomiting. She tells you that she is sensitive to light. Which of the following is used for acute treatment?

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Patient after Myocardia Infarction treated with thrombolysis and discharged. Came back with tongue and facial swelling, what drug causes this

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Cervical cancer screening for a 35 year old woman

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Patient with upper GI bleed what’s the initial next step

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A 32 years-old alcoholic male patient is brought to the emergency department with the history of vomiting large amount of bright red blood. Physical examination revealed splenomegaly and ascites. after initial ER management, what to give before endoscopy

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patient with suprapubic pain and cervical examination showed tenderness in fornix, associated with profuse discharge: most likely

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woman, has History of miscarriage , Now she's GA of 7 weeks , she came to ER with vaginal spotting. Vaginal exam shows brownish discharge and no active bleeding and OS is closed , Patient denied any History of passing tissue. Everything else is normal What's your diagnosis

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Atrial fib , DM , post PCI , came with sever abdominal pain , the pain was 10/10 , on examination abdominal was rigid and sever tenderness , next

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patient came to the ER with signs and symptoms of myocardial infarction he was going for PCI, when the cardiologist was assessing his condition he notice the patient was depressed with low mood, the patient refused the PCI he demonstrate good understanding of his problem to the doctor what to do

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Patient with severe abdominal pain with mensural cycle ( dysmenorrhea) affect her work what can you give

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Q- 25 years old primigravida 20 weeks GA history of mitral stenosis due to rheumatic fever What physiological change makes her at high risk for heart failure?

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Know case of COPD with cor pulmonary which of the following will decrease mortality?

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Mechanism of action of clomiphene

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Elective Cesarean section which week

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Pt ER with unilateral limb edema he using OCP what next diagnostic

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30 years old female with Sjorgan syndrome ( dry mouth and dry eyes , Vaginal dryness , she experienced severe hypokalemic episodes what type of tubular acidosis ?

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what is the first sign of compartment syndrome of the leg

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A 2 weeks old with conjunctivitis bilaterally, 2 weeks later chest x ray show lung interstitial lung infiltration: not sure if this come or not?

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days postpartum came with vegainal discharge no smell no symptoms histo shows epithelial cell

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Case of nephritic syndrome asking which of the following is important in history for diagnosis

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Female in 20s has diabetic present with confusion. The patient has a long history of type 1 diabetes. She also complains of periorbital swelling, rhinorrhea and black necrotic spot over the face. labs show glucose 600 mg/ dl and ketones. CT scan shows obliteration of all the sinuses. Which of the following is the causative organism

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Q- 30 Year female with jaundice and yellow sclera started 2 weeks ago. No flapping tremor or stigmata of liver failure. LFTs: High AST(1400), ALT(1300), GGT (70?), Bilirubin High direct and. Indirect. US: biliary strictures and dilatation. Next step in management?

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What is the cause of poor wound healing in controlled DM

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Patient with esophageal bleeding, How to prevent

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Which of the following increase risk for ischemic heart dis

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Adenoma was found incidentally in a pt complaining of recurrent headache. What's the management

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Baby can name body parts and run unsupported

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Case of MI presented 2 h ( typical symptoms) with previous history stroke 2 years ago. Ecg : inferior MI What’s the most appropriate management

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34-year-old boy, diagnosed with TB. On rifampin. What is the side effect

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45 years old asymptomatic patient, on pelvic ultrasound that was 2*3 uterine fibroid at the fundus. What is the next best appropriate plan of management?

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cardiac patient on anticoagulant ask about method of contraception

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Preterm baby at 35 week. After delivery he was put in incubator for 2 weeks. What to do regarding his vaccination schedule

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Patient with a stab wound in the right thigh and massively bleeding brought to the emergency Department unconscious and there active bleeding BP 90/60 pulse 130 What is the most important next step to do

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Female with sickle cell disease presentation with hepatospleenomegaly what is complication

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Patient with copd , moderate respiratory distress “ written like this” and O2 sat of 93% on 3L, ABG shows respiratory acidosis What to do next

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Female patient with a history of DM, HTN, and CHF “on insulin, enalapril, and furosemide” She is Presenting with lower limb edema and diagnosed with DVT. She started haparin. Labs showed high k = 6 Which medication should be stopped at this stage

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Patient admitted in the hospital and recent do lanryngotomy , suddenly developed vomiting and muscles weakness , labs show potassium level are 8.0meq/l , ECG was done which showed peaked T Waves what is immediately step in management

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After splenectomy what hormone is affected

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A 45 year old male smoker had an adenoma removed from his colon. Pathology report shows a benign lesion. What advice should you give this patient to prevent him from getting colon cancer

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Q- 11 years old child had severe diarrhea , 3 weeks ago, now the child presented with bilateral lower limbs weakness and numbness, Diagnosis?

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Patient with nephrotic syndrome taking medication how can you know that the disease remission

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A patient came to the clinic with numbness on his hands and legs. He is known case of vitiligo and hypothyroidism. The lab results showed macrocytic anemia, peripheral blood smear showed Hypersigmented neutrophil. The best way to manage the patient is

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Pediatric patient family was camping drinking alot of unpasteurized milk with fever

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A patient had a vaginal infection but still can’t get pregnant why

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A 72 year old man present with an episode of right sided weakness that lasted 10 m and fully resolved and he is stable and medical free vital stable Which of the following is the most appropriate next step in the management

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4 month milestone

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Influenza vaccine they can't give to all population due to the shortness U will give to

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this Picture what does indicate

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Elderly with MVA on exam "Battle sign" what's the diagnosis

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Patient post thyroidectomy had arm spasm during blood pressure measurement, what is your next step

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Ulcerative colitis ERCP done shows intra and extra hepatic bile duct strictures. What is the diagnosis

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16 years old boy , came with 6 days fever and abdominal pain just, on examination look pale and ill , abdominal mild tenderness and slight splenomegaly , what is the most sensitive culture?

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make truck driver with painful swelling between his gluteal fold. What is the most likely diagnosis

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Patient known SLE, came with pale skin and fatigue, Labs Hb 10 (low) and ferritin 600(high), what is the cause


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Dr decided to manage the patient by UltraSound guide per-cuteness drainage , how should take consent

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Patient BMI 18 but think of oneself as obese thus dieting, Diagnosis

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A mother brings her 6 month old child for a dTap vaccine, but she informs you that he suffered from a febrile seizure after his last dose. What will you do

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Q- 30 years old postpartum woman admitted for right leg DVT and was started on enoxaparin 80mg BID. Then she developed sudden onset dyspnea and right pleuritic chest pain, on PE; She was dyspneic and apprehensive, heart sound showed loud P2 and lungs were clear on auscultation, vital signs normal
ABG: normal HCO3 and Po2, decreased PCO2 and high pH
CT showed thrombus in right lower pulmonary artery
Which of the following is most appropriate step in management

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Post RTA, he is shouting and he has low blood pressure and he says he has extreme chest pain what to do next?

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child 3 months old came with whooping cough , mother mentioned he missed the 2 months vaccine what’s the gold standard test for reaching the diagnosis

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What indicates a doctors’ respect of a patients’ autonomy

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Clozapine for which disease

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Patient Complain of ALL on chemotherapy developed fever, investigation showed pancytopenia. What to do

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Woman in delivery bleeding not stop, she wants to conceive in the future, which structure you should ligate

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8 years old patient immunization schedule unknown, came with fever and neuro symptoms examination reveals bilateral tender and enlarged parotid glands and pain with neck flexion, what is diagnosis?

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Pancreatitis 6 weeks ago. Now she has epigastric tenderness and cannot tolerate food with vomiting each time. By ultrasound you found large about 12X10 mass With thick wall and fluid inside. Labs: 346 amylase, Wbc 15k. What is the diagnosis

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Pregnant women in 10 weeks , came to antenatal care as the first visit , which vaccine is recommended for the mother in this time

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A 9 month came for vaccination when is vaccine contraindicated?

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a child presented with 3 days of vomiting and stooling. Other information were given. What will be the electrolyte derangement

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Salmon pink rash - hepatosplenomegaly, multiple joint involvement symmetrical and asymmetrical large and small joints

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hypertension , post MI on ACE , BB , aspirin , what to add

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7 years old presented to ER with shortness of breath and fatigue Labs showed anemia + thrombocytopenia (no WBC) Sickle screen was positive Which one of the following is the most important investigation

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A newly married woman has been on her honeymoon for 1 week and is now complaining of dysuria and frequency. How will you manage

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Case of neonatal thrombocytopenia Healthy mother, first child Baby has very low platelets, grade 1 IVH, normal smear Mom has normal labs

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Post thyroidectomy, C/O horsiness of voice and difficulty swallowing. Which is the most commonly laryngeal nerve that is injured

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Patient RTA hypovolomic shock and take 4L blood what is the complication

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Chronic kidney disease picture of iron def anemia and and high ferritin what is the treatment

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Patient presented with breast abscess was on antibiotic but no improvement What to do?

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what the age of infant

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Elderly with two years history of progressive memory loss. He can do his daily chores and wear clothes independently. He used to be a kind and a caring person. But in the last 3 months his personality changed and he became aggressive, Diagnosis

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Asthmatic child with exacerbation but you should do advice

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Female increase aPTT and positive lupus, what is the diagnosis

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Female pregnant present with multiple lumps confined to areola , soft superficial uniform in size , what is the diagnosis

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A lady is pregnant with twins. What is the most common risk factor associated with increased mortality in multiple gestation

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Q- 17 years female, no menstruation , high testosterone , Normal breast development coarse pubic hair?

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baby  4 years old and can hop on one leg but can't stay still for 10 seconds, can draw a square, has a friend, can tell a story the mom is worried about the developmental milestones?

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Picture of baby and physician hand. He was taping the left side of mouth When the primitive reflexes disappear?

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A patient had an acne and was asking about isotretinoin what you will test before

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Pregnant woman develop Shortness of breath , ultrasound of uterus shows snow Appearances what is the diagnosis

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A 20 years old Female, came with sudden visual impairment and unsteady gait, speech not affected, MRI showed demyelinating lesions peri-ventricular, diagnosis

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patient known to have DM and HTN with proteinurea what is the most appropriate

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29 years old pregnant, 39 weeks, with headache , and low limp edema , BP 160/100, proteinuria, platelet  : 50. Next step in management?

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Patient with hepatic benign tumor diagnosis is hemangioma (mentioned), decided to be managed conservatively, but we should advise the Patient to

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Highest diagnostic value for inhalation injuries

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old female that had an episode of visual loss for 20 minutes and it came back. What is your diagnosis

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Case of post-partum hemorrhage on oxytocin , while you manage the case you notice more bleeding(something like that) you examine her but the bleeding prevents you from determining the exact source of bleeding, what to do

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patient with MRSA wanted to be treated by Vancomycin. Immediately patient developed rash in the trunk. next step

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Most significant risk factor for breast cancer

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Q- 7 years female with eyelid erythema and thickening of skin over metacarpophalyngeal joints + proximal muscle weakness?

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female 25 old Last period was 5 month ago presented with Right lower abdominal pain and tenderness and past history of open appendectomy due to perforated appendix , BP 90/50 , RR120 RR25 , HB 8.3 , hcg was positive What the diagnosis

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What is the age expected of ride tricycle

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Cirrhosis most common cause of Hepatocellular carcinoma

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female last pregnancy 15 years ago, amenorrhea for 7 months, negative pregnancy test, wishes to get pregnant, what is the most appropriate investigation

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Case about a child with increased water consumption and going to the toilet, not to mention Urine and serum osmolality, not mention any electrolyte, with no response to water deprivation test, no other complain

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Pediatric Cushing features (obesity + purple stretch marks in the abd + HTN) Initial management

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this picture of clue cells with fishy smell secretion what

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Patient with fever , right upper abdominal pain positive serology of Echinococcus ( hydatid disease) with picture what is management

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Patient with post partum hemorrhage that was not controlled by oxytocin or bimanual massage. They asked about the next step

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Case of SLE with take Hydroxychloroquine, steroids, for 5 years. Presented with problems in hip joints, with limited abduction and internal rotation

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Child presents with fever, vomiting and diarrhea on exam of chest there is reduced air entry to right side and murmur was heard , the child CVS and chest exams were previously normal (prior visits) what is the management of murmur

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Which antipsychotic is associated with weight gain

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Which of following indication thoracocentasis

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Young patient with Hx of acute pancreatitis 2 weeks ago, presented now with epigastric abdominal pain, CT showing 4 cm peri pancreatic fluid, no necrotic tissue Management

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35 y female presenting in Outpatient clinic with hard 3x4cm mass in the left upper segment of the left breast. Nipple retraction but no axillary lymph node involvement. Mammography shows an ill-defined mass that's suspicious. How would you biopsy this

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Q- 4 week old neonate full term Co projectile vomiting- on Examination there is mass olive shape Investigation you will order?

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elderly, recently transferred to a nursing home 3 months ago, since then he lost interest in activity, cry every day, decrease appetite and his symptoms worse in the morning along with short memory impairment, what is the Diagnosis

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asthma poorly controlled on inhaled steroids and systemic sometimes, patient mentioned she’s using aspirin and NSADI almost daily for her migraine. she also has nasal polyps how would u manage her


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Patient with Shortness Of Breath only . no other symptoms , lab results showed respiratory alkalosis and  Pulmonary Embolism in  ECG they asked what’s the best diagnostic test?

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Question with a description of blood smear that shows (Crescent RBC’s) = what is Diagnosis

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Trauma patient with multiple fractured rips, vitally stable, conscious, oriented and normal breathing sounds bilaterally, next management

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Pediatric patient brought by his parents; X ray showed widening of the ends of his bones (growth plates): Calcium (low) PTH (mildly high) Alkaline phosphatase (very high) What does the patient have

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Q- 3 months old baby, brought by the family to hospital dead, he was preterm with chronic lung disease. He was sleeping with his parents in their bed, both parents are smokers. What is the cause of his death?

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Patient with Polycystic ovary syndrome , what should be investigated

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Q- 48 year Male with colicky abdominal pain in his left flank with blood in urine. IVP: filling defect in renal pelvis US: acoustic shadow Most likely diagnosis?

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Q- 6 years old child, came for pre school checkup, on exam he looks normal except for grade 3 heart murmur along the sternal border “no specific location or timing of the murmur provided”, no thrill, the murmur accentuated with supine position, Diagnosis?

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The following are appropriate methods for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the breast EXCEPT

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A 34-year-old man comes to the office due to abdominal pain ,loss of wight , foul-smelling anal discharge and perianal discomfort for the past several weeks. The patient has a history of recurrent anal fissures and takes a fiber supplement, stool softeners, and a topical analgesic. He also has occasional canker sores and recurrent abdominal pain and diarrhea, which he attributes to the use oflaxatives. The patients mokesa pack of cigarettes daily but does not use alcohol or Illicit drugs. Temperature Is 38 C (100.4 F). blood pressure is 120n6 mm Hg, and pulse Is 86/min. Tenderness Is present in the right lower quadrant on deep palpation. Perianal examination shows a large posterior skin tag. A fistula anterolateral to the anus Is draining whitish material. Biopsy form ileum showed non-caseating granuloma. What is the diagnosis

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What is main Risk factor of stroke

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Pregnant 15 GA complain of epilepsy on phenytoin last attack 6 years ago came antenatal visit

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patient from African came to ER with pleuritic Chest pain, cough, fever , his Vital sign is Respiratory rate is 36 , O2 sat 90%, temperature 38 , there is History of sickle cell disease and History of crises , immunization up to date, this symptoms are MOST Suggestive of

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which type of RTA comes with hypokalemia

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patient presented with left leg pain, radial pulses were irregularly irregular. The limb was pale with absent distal pulses from where does this thrombus originated